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Our Vision

You have enormous websites to help you with educational solutions for you and your belongings. Here, ‘Edu Roost’ is trying to provide it with teacher’s perspectives. we want to make quality materials available for students, teachers, parents, and society. So that you always find a reliable place to get your solutions. You will definitely be going to find it interesting and useful.

Our Story

Almost everything is available on the web these days but sometimes it doesn’t suit our needs well especially when it comes to education. We are trying to fill the gap with valid and reliable information and solutions. You will get solutions for your textbook and teaching-learning problems. Students, teachers, and Parents are the most important stakeholders in education. They will surely find the ‘Edu Roost’ a reliable resource for helping children with valid information and solutions.

Your valuable queries will also be answered here at ‘Edu Roost’ with teachers perspective. So that everyone can contribute to the making of the best students as well as civilized citizens.

Meet the Team

This is your friend teacher, Dr. Sanjay Kumar, working as a teacher for the last 18 years. I just want to develop a virtual place on which students, teachers, parents can bank upon. This way I want to extend helping hand towards you with all experiences as a teacher and facilitator.

A facilitator working with students, teachers, parents, and the community for almost two decades. 

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