NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Unit 10 Chapter 19 Who will be Ningthou


Unit 10|Lesson 19 Who will be Ningthou

5th Class English Marigold

NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Unit 10 Chapter 19 Who will be Ningthou (CBSE) You should refer to books and teachers. This is just for making reference available. There are so many activities that need to be undertaken for better understanding. Let students explore the subject. Use it at your own discretion.

Answers for Textbook Questions NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Unit 10 Chapter 18 Who will be Ningthou

New words

  • Peace- quiet-शांति
  • Worthy- deserving of-योग्य
  • Contest- competition-प्रतियोगिता
  • Spear- hunter’s weapon-भाला
  • Triumphantly- victoriously- विजयी होकर

Reading is Fun

Q.1 Name the place in Manipur where the Ntngthou and Leima ruled.

Ans.1 Ningthou and Leima ruled in the land of Kangleipak in Manipur.

Q.2 Why did the people of Kangletpak love their king and queen?

Ans.2 The people of Kangleipak loved their king and queen because they were so kind and carrying. They not only loved the people but the birds, animals, and trees.

Q.3 Why did the Ntngthou want to choose a future king?

Ans.3 Ningthou wanted to choose a future king because he was growing old, and his children were have grown up to rule and take his position.

Q.4 How did the king want to select their future king?

Ans.4 The king wanted to hold a contest to select a future king because he wanted to choose the best king for the kingdom.

Q.5 What kind of child was Sanatombi?

Ans.5 Sanatombi was a lovely girl. She had a soft and beautiful heart. She could feel the pain and happiness of people, animals, and birds.

Q.6 Have you ever seen an animal or a bird in pain? What did you do?

Ans.6 Yes, I have seen a small bird in pain lying near the nest. I took it up with a cloth and placed it in the nest.

Let’s Listen and Talk

Q1. Where is Manipur on the map of India?

Ans.1 Manipur is in the northeast part of India on the map.

Q2. What language do the people of Manipur speak?

(i) Assamese (ii) Maithallon (iii) Mizo

Ans.2 Maithallon

Q3. Who do you think should have been made the future king?
  • Sanajaoba, the one who jumped through the tree.
  • Sanayalma, the one who jumped over the tree.
  • Sanatomba, the one who uprooted the tree.

Ans.3 No one of the three should have made future king.

Why do you think so?

Ans. Because no one of them could have felt the pain of other things, the future king should have been kind to all.

Who was made the future queen and why?

Ans. Sanatombi was made the future queen because she had a kind heart. She could feel the pain of other things.

Word Building

Q.1 Say aloud the following names in your mother tongue.


Words in Manipuri

English Hindi

Word in your language

Ningthou King राजा —–
Leima Queen रानी —–
Meeyam People लोग —–
Khongnang Tree पेड़ ——

Note: – Meanings in English and Hindi have given. Write meanings in your native language yourself. Who will be Ningthou solutions are for your reference.

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Q2. Write the meanings of the following in English.




Tunggl Ningthou The future king
Thouro! Thouro! Bravo! Bravo!
Phajet! Phajet! Wonderful! Wonderful!
Shagol thauba nupa! Such fine horsemen!

 Fun with Sound words

Some interesting words sound like the noises for which they stand. You use a different tone of voice when you say these words. The voice becomes louder and more forceful.

For example.

Zoom! went the car.

Bang! went the door.

Pip! pop! flippety flop!

say the following and write what would make these sounds or actions.


Click! Camera
Chirp! Birds
Whisper! Children
Bravo! Audience
Oh! Surprised man or Woman
Ah! Boy in pain
Hurrah! Happy Students
Alas! Sad girl
Wonderful! Happy man or Woman
Hi! Meeting people
Ho! Someone seeking attention
Hop away! While jumping

 Language Use

Q 1. Read the lesson carefully and put a circle around all the action words with -ed at the end. Then write them in one column and their present form in another. One is done for you.


Action words with -ed at the end

Action words in present form

admitted admit
lived live
loved love
stopped stop
name named
loved love
called call
happened happen
reached reach
declared declare
finished finish
shouted shout
remained remained
turned turn
proved prove
mounted mount
looked look
jumped jump
landed land
uprooted uproot
carried carry
craned crane
walked walk
flapped flap
whispered whisper
shocked shock
Watched watch
Q2. Fill in the correct word in the blanks and complete the story.

Ans.2 In a forest, there lived (live/lives/lived) a goblin named Cruel. One day, he met (meet/met/meets) an old man wandering in the forest. Immediately, Cruel leapt (leap/ leaps/leapt) on to the old man’s shoulders and ordered (order/ orders/ ordered) him, “Let’s go. Move fast.” The frightened old man obeyed obey/obeys/ obeyed) the nasty goblin and walked (walk/ walks/walked) on.

As they moved on, (move/moves/moved) he noticed (notice/ notices/ noticed) that the goblin’s feet were very tender. The old man asked (ask/asks/ asked) Cruel, “Sir, how are your feet so soft and tender?” Cruel replied (reply/ replies/replied) “I have taken a vow that I will not touch the ground with my feet, till I wash them.” They soon came (come/comes/ came) to a pool. The goblin Instructed (instruct/ instructs/ Instructed) the old man to wait for him while he entered (enter/enters/ entered) the pool. The old man thought (think/ thinks/ thought) to himself, “Now that the goblin has wet his feet, he does not need me. Let me run for my life or he will surely eat me up.” So, he ran (run/runs/ran) off.

Q.3. Make a list of the action words from this story.

ed action words

(regular action verbs)

irregular action words

live lived meet met
love loved say said
stop stopped take took
name named stand Stood
call called feel Felt
reply Replied hold Held
happen happened hurt hurt
change changed    
reach reached    
declare declared    
finish finished    
shout shouted    
remain remained    
turn turned    

Project Work

Q.1 Sit in groups of five. Now, each student will tell a story. Decide which story was the best and declare a Ningthou or Leima of the group.

Note: –Let children do it on their own and enjoy the activity. You should just keep watch on them.

Q2. Find out stories about other great people’s lives and their childhood and write these in your notebook. Collect at least two such stories and share them with your friends. You could think of famous
  • scientists
  • religious people freedom fighters
  • brave children
  • astronauts
  • artists

Note: – Let the children collect stories and write them on their notebooks or sheets. Exchange the notebooks or sheets ask them to read the stories written by others. In the chapter Who will be Ningthou excellent story has been narrated ask children to read it time and again to understand the writing style and sequence of events.

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NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Unit 10 Chapter 19 Who will be Ningthou (CBSE)is only to assist you. You should refer to books and teachers. This is just for making reference available. There are so many activities and projects that need to be undertaken for better understanding. Let students explore the subject. Use it at your own discretion.