Quality solutions for students pertaining to their studies and techniques to understand concepts fast and foreever.


A reliable resource for assistance in and outside the classroom. Help to plan, deliver, and evaluate the lesson or concepts. Other utilities to make the teaching-learning process a joyful pursuit. Moreover, 'Edu Roost' will help in managing the overall school activities.

Parents and Community

A place to find solutions for helping children at home and to assist them for better understandings of the concepts. General awareness regarding the teaching-learning process.


What we are trying to do

We will try our best to help you in making learning joyful and creative. Students, teachers, parents, and community all stakeholders will be benefited with one-stop solutions for everyday problems in studies. 'Edu Roost' will also help to raise awareness regarding the education process at school and home.

What you want

It would be better to incorporate your opinions, thoughts, needs, and knowledge to make this virtual place worth visiting. So, feel free to aware us with your feeling and needs pertaining to any sphere of education.


Next Steps...

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